Civic Duty


Two-sentence summary:

Following the 2016 election, I decided to say more. These are the things I said.


Next-Protest-Moss-02 copy

Privilege-Is-Safety-3--square,-web,-1000w copy

Billionaire-Appoints-Billionaire---5 copy

Care-Show-Up-Participate-05 copy

Trump-Bigger-Hat-7 copy

Don't-Have-Protest-Signs-02 copy

End-Is-Near---square,-web,-1000w copy

Hate-Crimes---8 copy

American-Hand-Holding-05 copy

Revolution---for-web,-square,-1000px copy

Impeach-05 copy

Stop-Mocking-His-Small-Hands-3 copy

Loving-Is-Testing-08 copy

One-News-Show--4--1000w copy

Protect-Fear-4--1000w copy

Worshipping-Pilgrims--4--1000w copy

Sea-Urchin-Trump2---1000w copy

Trumptagonist-03-IG copy

Trump-Opinion-Change5----1000w copy


If you’d like to see more, the newest ones will be on my Instagram.