Two-sentence project summary:

I always wanted my own ‘I ❤️ NY’ but I live in California.
In the Golden State, our version of a t-shirt is a car’s bumper,
so this is my love letter to California.


Unabridged Project Summary:

I’ve always been fond of Milton Glaser’s ‘I ❤️ NY’ and realized at a certain point that California lacked something of a similar charm. This was my attempt to fix that. In New York, walking is the chief way of getting around, and it seemed like the closest thing California has to a New Yorker’s t-shirt is a car’s bumper.

In trying to figure out how to make something broadly appealing and tonally correct, this was where my head went. One day on the freeway, stuck in (beautiful) traffic: Califorever. That’s what I saw, and I can think of nothing more idyllic than forever, so this was born.

© 2016